Rituals and Rites of Passage

We offer traditional services for these occasions -

Weddings - RBC is available for Buddhist Weddings and receptions. Come to a service and inquire.
The marriage ceremony consists of chanting, reading of vows and the burning of incense. In America, the Buddhist marriage ritual is a combination of American and traditional customs added to create new Buddhist ritual. The vows for the ceremony are said to have originated with Shakyamuni Buddha. The wedding ceremony at the Temple is a presentation of the couple, before Buddha (Truth) and all those present. It is before Truth, family and friends, the couple proclaims their love and commitment towards one another.

Memorial Services - RBC is available for memorial services and annual  remembrance  services.
Memorial services have a long history in Buddhism. Family and close friends gather at the Temple or home in memory of the deceased member of the family. Following the service, the group will usually eat together. They can either eat at the home or go out to dinner or lunch. This meal is important in that it renews each member in both mind and body and strengthens the ties that bind the group together. This custom and the memorial services help to emphasize that death is a natural occurrence in life and is not something to be feared. The memorial service is also a wonderful opportunity of reinforcing family ties beyond one's immediate family, which helps to create a sense of continuity and community from generation to generation.

Baby Blessing - 
The raising of a child is one of the most important tasks in your life. It is something that should be done with a great deal of thought. Other than the gift of life, the Dharma is one of the most important gifts you could bestow upon your child.
The Baby Blessing Ceremony gives each family the opportunity to present their child before the Buddha (Truth) and the Sangha. It can be held at home or at the end of a Sunday Service.  At brief this ceremony your child will receive a gift of their first Onenju.
Buddhist Retreat Space - RBC space is available for Reatreats and Dharma Teachings.
Teaching is essential to turning the wheel of Dharma.  We support this with our sangha.