RBC Staff and Council

Resident Priest - Rev. Matthew Fisher - Holds a BA degree in Comparative Religion with concentration in Buddhist Studies from Bowdoin College 1984. He also holds a Masters Degree in Design. He has received specific seminar training in Church growth, fundraising, and leadership for capital projects. This training occurred when he was a board member of another church for 6 years in the 1990’s. He has studied Buddhism in Sri Lanka, China, and Japan. He was lay ordained by Reno Buddhist Center’s Temple Master, Dr. Daigan Lee Matsunaga, in Shin Buddhism in 2005 and appointed by Dr. Matsunaga as RBC Assistant Priest Candidate in February 2010. He received Tokudo ordination in March 2015.

Resident Priest - Rev. Shelley Fisher - Has a BA in International Relations from UC Davis. She is an experienced religious educator working 6 years as Director of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada. She holds a certification in Religious Education from the UUA. She leads the Dharma School at Reno Buddhist Center with 20 children participating. She was lay ordained by Dr. Daigan Lee Matsunaga in Shin Buddhism in 2005 and appointed as Assistant Priest Candidate in 2008. Shelley is also a martial arts instructor at Aikido of Reno. She received Tokudo ordination in March 2015.


Steve Maskaly
Building & Environment

George Killoran


Kris Nash

Matt Goddard

Ben Rose
New member
RBC Council have dedicated themselves to promoting the Buddhism and turning the Wheel of Dharma. Their time is given as dana to the Three Gems.

   Cathy Riordan APC
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