Develops a growing and committed sangha through support services related to membership, by facilitating entrance of new members, and by staying aware of members’ needs, interests and skills.  The committee compiles and updates new member packets given to prospective members and coordinates the New Member Sundays. 
The committee has these aspects...

Caring -  attends to the personal well-being of members and friends of the church.

Greeters - welcome us before service on Sundays and see that newcomers have name tags and have help with the incense offering.

Nembutsu Chanters The group offers chants and songs at services and meets to practice weekly.

Buddhist Service Alliance  - compassionate action group open to all Buddhists in our area.

Communication with members and friends -News which connects our Center family and announces the many activities and programs of the church as well as district and denominational news is provided in a variety of ways:

RBC Newsletter is our newsletter, published monthly except for the July-August issue.  Deadlines are published and articles are invited.

Our website is located at and contains a wide variety of resources, including current and historical information.

The RBC E-BULLETIN is our e-mail notice which is sent bi-weekly with current events and notices